NERD is an independent basic research organisation specialised in the interdisciplinary field of neuroecology and stereology.

Neuro Ecological Research Denmark (NERD) IVS was founded in April 2016. NERD is managed by three researchers: Sophie Wiese, Esther Kjær Needham and Mikkel Vestergaard Olesen.  Through our unique combination of scientific expertise and creative and educational experience, we wish to create an independent basic research institute based on sustainable and curiousity driven research. For more information on our background, please go to the page People.

Stereology services – a foundation for self-financed research

NERD provides services within histology and stereology through our collaboration with the Research Laboratory for Stereology and Neuroscience, which is the world leading laboratory within neurostereological research. From these commercial activities we have created a foundation for self-financing our basic research.

Follow this link for more information on our products and services.

Stop Brain Waste – promoting tissue sharing

NERD has also established the NERD Animal Brain Bank, where animal brain tissue is stored as part of our Stop Brain Waste concept, promoting sustainable research through tissue sharing (for more information follow go to page Stop Brain Waste).