Neuro Ecological Research

Independent basic research of animals’ behaviour and brains.
NERD aims to do independent and innovative basic research of animals’ behaviour and brains. This will contribute with new knowledge about the brain’s evolution, function and relation to behaviour. Setting research free will allow room for innovation and for testing new ideas. This will primarily be done using brains collected through our Stop Brain Wasting concept and our new concept on research communication soon to be launched

Stereology Services

Selling stereology and histology services.
NERD aims to spread the use of stereology and to utilize the company’s expertise within this area in order to finance NERD’s activities within basic research and brain collection. This will be done through education and sales and marketing of stereology and its application to a broad group of customers. These include companies, research groups and anyone in need of structural quantification.

Stop Brain Waste

Sustainable research by reusing animals.
Through the Stop Brain Wasting concept NERD wishes to promote sustainability and responsible use of resources in the field of brain research. This will be done using animals that are already put into the world for other purposes, such as other research projects, production, Zoos etc. This involves collecting, organising and archiving tissue and data, which will result in preservation of the brains and allow for many different analyses.

Brain Evolution Museum

NERD is currently working on a new concept concerned with research communication. More information will follow.