Stop Brain Waste

Sustainable research by reusing animals 


Through the Stop Brain Waste concept NERD wishes to promote sustainability and responsible use of resources in the field of brain research.

The concept is inspired by the cradle to cradle principle, that refers to the minimum or no waste at all in technological production. The Stop Brain Waste concept aims to transfer this thinking to the production and use of animals for the purpose of human activities. Nothing should go to waste or be produced with only one purpose.


NERD has established the NERD Animal Brain Bank, where we collect and store animal brain tissue and behavioural data from many different sources, such as scientific research projects, ZOOs, farms etc. Through this scientific research can be done using animals that are already put into the world for these various other purposes.

The NERD Animal Brain Bank facilitates

  • tissue sharing within the scientific community and thereby reduction of the use of research animals
  • preservation of rare and valuable brain tissue from e.g. ZOO animals for unique scientific investigations
  • an opportunity for the non-scientific communities to contribute to science through the donation of tissue


Please contact us, if you wish to donate animal brains to the NERD Animal Brain Bank.